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Before You Send Your PC for Repair Service

At some point, all computer systems need to be maintained. Most of these tasks maybe done by an average computer user however, it would be much better if the task is handled by the experts. Computer maintenance must be done at least once a year for optimal computer performance. It is very important to know that these maintenance tasks involves opening of the computer system or the case. Dust build-up disrupts the airflow inside your computer resulting to a rise of temperature inside the computer system. The increase in temperature will affect the performance of the computer parts which will eventually damage them.

Computer repair and maintenance cost are measured in hourly costs. A typical PC repair service typically costs $75 per hour. Usually, these types of repair services lasts for more than an hour, costs will be computed an increment of 15 minutes. Other companies only charge a onetime fee of $100 regardless of how much time it took them to repair it. Rates also differ from company to another and on how immediate is the need for the service. Some companies offer coupons and discounts for first time customers.

Simple computer maintenance can include computer upgrade like adding additional memory or an additional hard disk, or a DVD drive, replacement of a video card, upgrade to a new processor, restoring a lost file to a simple computer cleaning. Installation of new components will usually take 1 hour or 2; older computer systems might take a while especially if the customer didn’t bring along the installation drives for the components to install.

Repairs can be more costly ranging from $100 to as much as $300 that includes a system overhaul and a reinstallation of the operating system. Most of these tasks include virus infections, spyware and malware issues, slow running systems and computer hang-ups, printer problems, internet connectivity, no audio and poor video performance issues. The cost of these services varies according to the severity of the problem and on how long the issue was fixed. A system reinstall can last up to an hour while hang-ups and other hardware issues could last 2 to 4 hours. Simple viruses and other malware problems can be fixed in an hour while severe infections would require you to reformat the pc and will about more than an hour to complete.

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