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Apple Products Under Attack by Malware called “WireLurker”

Red alert to owners of Apple products: Headlines last November 6 have revealed the discovery of a new malware family out to get the said brand.

Dubbed as the “WireLurker,” it was discovered by the Palo Alto Networks, a manufacturer of cyber security software. Out to install malicious 3rd party apps on iPhones and iPads, its main targets are the OS X desktop software and the iOS mobile operating system.

The reason for the WireLurker name is due to its ability to detect when a user is plugging his or her iPhone or iPad into a computer that runs OS X. Once the malware is able to sense this, it installs malicious apps on your gadget.

New York Times reports that for now, the malware is seemingly zeroing in on China users; however, this does not imply that there is no potential threat. According to Palo Alto Networks, as far as scale is concerned, this is the largest malware they have ever witnessed.

According to Ryan Olson, Threat Intelligence Director of Palo Alto Networks, this may be the first time to happen; however, it has already shown numerous attackers  one way of being able to get through the tough-built shell Apple used to protect its devices.

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