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Another Phishing Scam to look out for

Over the past few weeks, we have been sending out emails to clients of scare tactics bad guys are using to scare you to pay huge amounts of money but does not do anything at all.

Here is another good example saying that your email had been compromised six months ago and you are being closely monitored using your email account and that all forms and attempts to clear up your system is futile.

They clearly state that your email, accounts, social networks, and browsing history is under their control. On top of that, they claim to have screenshots taken using your computer’s camera including what you are viewing on your computer.

These scumbags are expecting you to pay $739 for them not to release what they claim is your naughty side and if you pay them the stored files will be purged from their repository. They threaten to send it to each and every one of your contacts which they claim they possess in case you do not pay within 48 hours.

If you received this email or something similar, you have been targeted by phishing emails and scams. Almost 100% of the time, your computer, email, etc has not been compromised and can just ignore it.

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