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Another fake AppleID disabled email

Scammers are hackers are trying everything just to get a buck this days.

It has been their modus operandi to pretend to be some legit company emailing you as an individual and hoping that you do not focus much on the details before opening the link they have sent you. In the event you have fallen for their bait, you would end up giving them your personal information and then they can steal from you or use your information for fraudulent things.

A very good example is this email pretending from Apple as shown below.

If you are looking at your email via your iPhone, the email looks legit except that the link will lead you to a malicious fake website asking for your information.

However, if you are checking emails via your computer, you can easily spot them as show in the image below.

If you receive an email like this, just delete it from your inbox.

Also be careful since it is not just Apple that they are using. It might be something like your phone and internet provider like AT&T, Comcast, COX, CenturyLink etc. They sometimes pretend to be your bank, credit card company, or a plethora of other things you might be using or subscribed to.

In this modern world we live in, you do not need to get mugged to have things stolen from you or your house broken into. With a simple email, they can steal from you and later on realize a little too late that you have been a victim.

Always read carefully before you click anything.

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