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All About the FBI Ransomware Computer Virus – Phoenix AZ

A warning from the federal authorities has been issued against the “ransomware” computer virus that has been going around. Quite sneaky, it’s able to enter computers undetected with the aid of Trojan Lockscreen.

One gets infected with the said computer virus when a user gets to visit an infected website or download infected files, which makes security vulnerable. They also appear if you are not thorough in ensuring your computer’s security with the use of a security software or if you don’t update it regularly. Once inside, it blocks your computer completely, locks and it and disables all programs inside. Then, it presents itself as the FBI, showing an an authentic-looking alert telling you that your computer has been locked due to violation of the Copyright and Related Laws.

Usually, the FBI ransomware computer virus would tell you that you have been either “using or distributing copyrighted content, viewing or distributing pornographic content or spreading malware to other computers illegally.” Moreover, the alert message would instruct you to pay a $100 fine through MoneyPak to have your computer unlocked or be prosecuted accordingly. Such warnings though should be ignored and removed as these are created by scammers in order to swindle money from users. Security experts are warning the public that chances for this ransomware group to grow and improve are also very likely.

For everyone’s general information, here are the different versions of the FBI computer virus which you need to be aware of so that you can avoid infection and won’t be fooled into paying for a fine that’s quite hefty in amount.

1. FBI Moneypak – Using a huge alert bombarded with FBI and Moneypak logos, it threatens to lock your computer’s system completely due to illegal viewing and distribution of copyrighted or pornographic content or spreading of malware. A pay of $100 is asked and you are required to key in a Moneypak code on the right side of the phony alert.

2. FBI Green Dot Moneypak – Employing an alert with FBI, Moneypak and McAfee logos, it conveys a message claiming that the FBI has blocked you due to download of illegal and copyrighted content; thereby instructing you to pay a fine of $200, complete with steps on how to do so.

All about the FBI Ransomware Computer Virus - Phoenix AZ3. FBI Virus Black Screen – Although it follows the same technique as the previous two and still demands for a $200 fine, this particular computer virus likewise applies as an audio warning, black screen and lockdown of system telling you that you have been caught visiting pornographic sites and viewing files of child pornography and zoophilia content.

4. FBI Online Agent – Using the FBI name, it comes with a newly-designed alert that accuses the user for committing numerous crimes, including the promotion of terrorism, asking for a $200 fine to be paid via MoneyPak. What’s new about this FBI computer virus is that although it doesn’t your IP address or location, it supplies the name of the responsible agent, case numbers and other fabricated details.

5. FBI Cybercrime Division Virus – Quite an authentic looking alert filled with ten different logos, it poses as a part of the FBI’s Cybercrime division. A dangerous type of FBI ransomware, it makes use of the identical scheme while trying a $300 fine to be paid via Moneypak’s prepayment system.

6. FBI PayPal Virus – As its name implies, this computer virus employs PayPal to transact money from users. Once it gets in your system, it blocks the entire computer and disables internet connection. Then it asks for a fee of $100 for using copyrighted content or distributing malware.

7. FBI Department of Defense Virus – A dangerous ransomware virus that sets lo lock down your computer and hide every file that you have kept there. Then it attempts to swindle $300 from you for violating several cyber laws of the USA and offers the MoneyGram payment system for fine settlement.

8. White Screen FBI Virus – Should you see a warning that tells you about using child pornography videos and other cybercrimes, the said computer virus has entered your system however if you see a white screen and a mouse cursor on the desktop of your computer, it means the virus hasn’t loaded properly.

9. FBI Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section Virus – This dangerous ransomware sets to inhibit your entire computer system. Instead of seeing the desktop, what you will see instead is a massive alert that informs you of your computer being locked by your internet service provider for various reasons including viewing and spreading of copyrighted content and asks for a $200 fine.

10. FBI System Failure Virus – Another serious ransomware that blocks computers with a phony warning that states “All activities of this computer has been recorded. All your files are encrypted. Don’t try to unlock your computer.” Asking for a $300 fone, it employs the REloadit prepayment system.

These are ten of the different kinds of FBI ransomware computer virus that you need to be on the lookout for so that you won’t fall into the cunning trap of swindlers. Should you see any of these FBI warnings in your computer, ignore them completely and never click on them or give out any details of your bank or credit account. The best thing to do is to call Compushooter at 480-464-0202 and let us handle the task of virus removal so that your computer would be up and running in no time and have sure protection from having the malware enter your system again.

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