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Adobe Flash exploit for sale, booby-traps Microsoft Office documents

Although Adobe constantly updates it software to patch security vulnerabilities, there is another one on the loose. ThreadKit leverages a flaw fixed last February.

It has been advised to be careful from opening Adobe or Microsoft Files from untrusted sources. The reason being is because there are tools and apps that are designed to build documents that infects computers with malware once opened. Threadkit is one good example that recently targets a recently patched Adobe Flash security bug.

This is quite alarming since anyone who purchases Threadkit can craft their own booby-trapped files they can spread around which can exploit the Adobe Flash security hole.

The exploit code takes advantage of a flaw affecting Flash Player versions 23 through The fix is present in Flash Player version and later. The most recent version of Flash Player is

What is crazy about it is that exploit variants have been found circulated in the wild and a few are even posted on Pastebin.

Microsoft and Adobe are closely working to release security updates on a regular basis to protect users from exploits like these.

Always as a safety reminder, be careful from opening email attachments from strangers.


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