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Added features to the new updates for Windows 10

Most of the time, when people learn that windows has a new update, they get bad vibes about it. However, the latest version of Windows 10, there was a new feature they have slowly integrated and is such a nifty and useful tool.

Microsoft’s latest version of windows already has touchpad gestures that work, but the latest beta build adds the option for users to customize the gesture. Although it sounds pretty dull,
users might re-capture the excitement then they think about music control using the touchpad.

There is now the option to customize three and four-finger gestures. By default, they let you switch between the multitasking view, the desktop, and toggling between apps (as an alternative to Alt+Tab). There’s also an option to Search with Cortana, which is optimistic thinking from Microsoft.

Taking a look at the new insider build, you can go and dig in to menus and fully customize how the gestures would work.

Most usefully, there’s options for next/previous song and snapping windows to the edges. Those are all things you can already do with keyboard shortcuts, but adding gesture support makes your life a little faster and easier.

As far as testing goes, the gestures actually work consistently. Comparing it to the touchpad gestures on MacBooks is that it works great, 80% of the time. The Windows 10 gestures seem to have a far higher success rate.

There’s other changes in the new Insider build that you can read about on the Microsoft blog. Hopefully, the touchpad gestures will be rolling out to all users in the next few weeks.

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