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93 Security Bugs fixed on Microsoft’s latest Tuesday Patch

Bug fixes and patches are not a new thing. This has been happening with software since the beginning of software development. Microsoft is not immune to it.

Microsoft has released a regular Tuesday patch which fixed a total of 93 security bugs. The list is composed of 29 Critical fixes, and the rest are rated differently in terms of threat severity.

It is now a regular thing for Microsoft to release a monthly security update that gets released every second Tuesday of the month. With this latest release, it contains a staggering 93 security fixes.

The tech giant has published two security advisories that cover possible issues that might affect the company’s products and services. It is quite alarming that the latest release provides fixes for loopholes that were not under attack or were publicly disclosed.

With the latest iteration of the bug fix, the most critical update is for Windows Remote Desktop Services. The said bug can allow malicious users total access to a remote computer by taking advantage of this bug. Microsoft claims that releasing a patch for this vulnerability is ones of the company’s utmost priority.

It was announced on the social media platforms that the Microsoft Security Response Center shared titled “August 2019 Security Update includes fixes for wormable RCE vulnerabilities in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), affecting all in-support versions of Windows.”

Alongside the critical fixes were fixes for non-Microsoft bugs. The recent Tuesday patch included a fix from VMWare, SAP, and Adobe.

Among the companies mentioned above, Adobe released the most number of fixes which covers Create Cloud, Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Premiere Pro, Experience Manager, and After Effects. Interesting enough, there is no fix for Adobe Flash.

Security experts are ecstatic about this release and have commended Microsoft’s efforts. The past few years, they have been highly criticized due to the lack of focus protecting from attacks and vulnerabilities. The latest Tuesday release is now committed in preventing attacks rather than developing a fix once a vulnerability has been exposed.

It clearly shows they are doing their job as they should to avoid possible loopholes before the public is made aware. This indeed is a remarkable effort from the Microsoft development team and has now moved on from the bad reputation they have had in the past.

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